The Current Situation

These are the basic pre-requisites for life that were once freely available to our ancestors all across earth. Increasingly, access to land, food, water and shelter is being held to ransom, available only to those who give up a lifetime of labour just to be able to lay claim to a small plot of land, even though it is still only borrowed as it is encumbered with values, taxes, mortgages and duties and cannot be freely passed down to children and grandchildren.

This situation has led to the vast majority of men, women and children all across earth becoming refugees on their motherlands, separated from their lands and lineages, with middle men and women dictating their relationship to land, food, water and shelter based on an imposed value of economic worth that has nothing to do with a moral compass or conscience.

The resulting chaos, confusion, unhappiness, despair, rage, hatred, greed and selfishness coming from a world of men, women and children surviving an economic system that very few can conquer has directed us onto our present path of almost total annihilation of everything of life, the natural world that is the land, food, water and shelter.

We have sat back and watched, distracted by the empty trinkets of a commercial world, as that which we need to live has been fenced off, turned into inhospitable, concrete jungles, burnt, razed, drained, starved, parched, raped and destroyed. We are all responsible for supporting and maintaining the systems that continue that devastation and destruction and the refugee status of multi-millions.

To turn back the tide of this decimation, every man, woman and child needs free access to land, food, water and shelter to live their lives as caretakers of all of life, learning to let go of the habits of destruction and form the habits of conservation, regeneration, responsibility, community and do-no-harm.

The Vision of Love For Life & Kindom

To create a large community of men, women and children who are committed to learning to live without doing harm to nature, gradually withdrawing from our harmful habits as we examine, challenge and change them, all the while creating abundant food forests and the sustainable infrastructure necessary to transition the land and our lives away from being answerable to the dictates of other men and women acting as third parties between us and land, us and nature, us and the full responsibility for our lives on the land.

The land belongs to no one but is taken care of by everyone. The best spots are for all to enjoy and we focus our energy on the regeneration of land that has been damaged by agriculture, animal husbandry and poor management, until it is once again a living paradise of abundance and a sanctuary to wildlife and MAN.

The community serves as an example of how to live freely without commerce and without harm and will be open to visitors to come and experience the possibilities when land, food, water and shelter are freely available to all to nurture, caretake and regenerate. It provides the inspiration to men, women and children all across earth to take back their full responsibility for land, food, water and shelter and pass it on to the generations to come.

How The Community Works

  • The willingness of everyone involved to continually asses their attitudes, actions and e-motional blocks to ensure the successful growth of a do no harm community
  • Sustainable building of a community hub followed by dwellings built using both natural methods - wood, mud, straw, etc. - and recycled metals, old building materials, tyres, etc.
  • Powered firstly by solar, gas and fire, we will gradually learn other methods of food preparation, keeping warm and working with hand tools to learn traditional crafts
  • Natural food storage of crops built into hillsides or underground for natural food preservation providing all-year-round sustainability
  • A mostly raw, vegan diet for optimum health and sustainability and to stop the slaughter of animals for our table
  • As the community, infrastructure and skillsets grow, we offer workshops, healing and sanctuary to those suffering under their refugee status, all free of charge
  • Surplus crops to be offered to the wider, local community free of charge
  • An Arthouse Studio creates contemporary music, documentaries and a presence on social media platforms to draw people to the do no harm message we live by

Our Skills and Experience

  • Growing an abundant food forest garden on a small, suburban, rental property producing around 1.5 tons of food every year.
  • Many different people coming to work in the garden, to talk and learn, giving us the opportunity to observe the barriers to a successful community and what it will take for each of us to overcome them
  • Many original songs ready to be taken to a professional level and previous experience creating bands and festivals
  • Living in a camper trailer for a year and a half while we upgrade it to become a rig that can provide everything needed by around 20 people to start a community on land, should it not have any infrastructure to start with.
  • A thorough comprehension of the e-motional rackets preventing most men and women from creating their heartfelt dreams
  • Twenty years business experience, growing a successful business from scratch to having staff levels of up to thirty, giving us the ability to manage finances, forward planning and big picture goals that drive the small decisions

In Conclusion

Our work towards this goal has been supported by many over the years, financially, materially, spiritually and physically. To sustain the community as it grows towards true freedom on the land

  • Some continue working to earn money as others create the infrastructure and food forest for them to live in as they are working until the time comes for them to stop working outside the community
  • Services and produce are offered for free but donations and gifts are accepted - whether for talks, workshops, food, music, healing, etc.
  • Possible financial ventures include marketing T-shirts with appropriate slogans and healthy, vegan food stalls at markets and festivals

Let's Build Paradise Together

After 15 years of scrutinizing information to work out why we all persist in harming our lives and all of life around us, observing each other and the men and women who have come into our lives, learning how to maintain true health, simplifying food growing practices and researching how to live unplugged from system infrastructure, we are ready to move onto land and get on with it, along with many brothers and sisters who share the same inspiration. All we need now is the land, and, once we have access to it, we are willing and eager to spend the rest of our lives recreating paradise.

What else is there to do?